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Your Complete Teeth Whitening Kit ONLY $59.99 including Free Shipping. 

We sourced the same dental grade materials and products your dentist will use to whiten your teeth but we ask you pay a fraction of what they will charge you!
So get the same dental grade materials and products to remove those tea, wine, coffee or just age stains, safely, easily and in the convenience of your own home in YOUR time with our properly priced kits.

Your Complete Teeth Whitening Kit- 

Everything you need to transform you stained, yellow teeth

into a new white smile.

Guaranteed results or your money back.

*** Two fully customisable mouthpieces- we give you two just in case you don't get the first one just right- I think we are the only company out there cares enough to do this for you!
*** One  LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator Mouthpiece Light (Latest Technology) Speeds Up Process
*** Three Syringes Of Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Gel (36% Carbamide Peroxide as used by dentists) USA Made
*** One Syringe Of Remin- De-Sensitization Gel - to Help Reduce Any Temporary Tooth Sensitivity.
*** One Dental Surgery Type Color Chart- to track your progress
*** Instruction Manual -

Change your yellow, stained teeth to a New Bright White Smile

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