How It Works


Shaping the Mouth-Trays that hold the Whitening Gel.

1-Bring a pan of water to boil and remove water from heat.

2-Place one tray in water holding tab of tray for 10-15 seconds.

  ****CAUTION****  If you keep trays in the water to long they will shrink and you will need to buy another set- please be warned and only keep in water for 3-5 seconds.

3- Place the tray in your mouth inserting your teeth into tray.


This will not burn.

4- Close your mouth and suck in the air.

This helps push the trays to the shape of your teeth.

5- Use your fingers to push against tray to create impression.

    You should leave the tray in your mouth for about 10 seconds.

6-Trim the trays with small scissors so they are only touching your teeth.

Also you should cut off the tab so you can close your mouth with the trays inside.

7- Repeat steps 2-7 for the second tray

Note : You will only need to mold your trays once not every time you do a treatment. You must form your mouth trays to in order to achieve the best results from your whitening kit. Keep in mind that you do not need a perfect mold for the whitening system to be effective.


How To Apply The Whitening Gel In The Mouth-Trays

1: Brush and floss your teeth with regular toothpaste.

The whitening gel will give the best results when used with clean teeth.

You may want to try to wear the trays first without any gel to check for comfort.

Also make sure that they trays are clean and dry before applying any gel.

Moisture reduces the efficiency of the whitening gel and slows down the whitening process.


2: Place a small drop of gel per tooth in the tray. This should  be where the front of the teeth will touch the tray. Do not spread the gel around the tray.

Only apply to where your FRONT teeth will touch the tray.

When you apply the gel make sure not to fill the trays completely.

Do Not Overfill The Trays- too much gel can burn the gums especially if you leave the trays in for longer than the recommended 30 minutes- be warned!

As long as you follow the previous steps of only applying a little gel for the front teeth you will be perfectly fine.


3: Insert the trays into your mouth.

If any gel comes in contact with your gums wipe it off with your finger or a tissue or it can cause a temporary burning sensation.


4: Leave the trays in your mouth for 20-30 minutes.

Remember first two sessions start off 20 minutes max to check your teeth's sensitivity.

You can increase the whitening time after a few sessions.

In the case that you experience sensitivity do not increase whitening time.

Do not exceed a treatment time of more than 1 hour a day and we recommend that you only whiten your teeth once a day


5: Remove the trays from your mouth and brush your teeth to remove any remaining gel.

Continue to brush, floss, and continue your daily dental routine.


LED Whitening Light

New Bright White Smile USA Made, FDA Compliant Teeth Whitening Kits Led Light


The whitening light is to be used at the same time as the whitening treatment.

The light uses the latest technology to speed up the whitening process.

  • Twist and remove the battery cover of the back of the light.
  • VERY IMPORTANT- Remove the batteries and remove the small clear security tab under the batteries.

The light will not work if this tab is not removed.

  • Re-insert the batteries + side up
  • Replace the battery cover and twist it closed
  • Place whitening trays in your mouth
  • Place light in front of your trays and turn the light on
  • Keep the light in your mouth for 10-20 minutes

The light will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.

To keep using the light press the power button to turn it back on.

The use of this light will make the whitening process more efficient and reduce the whitening time needed.



PLEASE Watch The How To Use Video - this will make things easy to follow.