We at New Bright White Smile cannot guarantee a particular result, nobody can. What we guarantee is you will be happy with your new white teeth- if not send back your kit for your refund- but when you are happy tell others! 

The results of teeth whitening are subjective and individual bleaching results vary from person to person.

It is ESSENTIAL that you follow the MUST READ instructions as described on the newbrightwhitesmile.com website as well as the instructional information included with each shipment.

Not following the instructions could, among other things, damage your teeth and gums. In some instances, even if you follow the instructions bleaching may result in blotchiness on a non-uniform tooth surface.

Tooth sensitivity can be a part of the teeth whitening process and the degrees of sensitivity vary from person to person. We advise those who experience unusual sensitivity to stop using the product for a day or lowering the frequency of usage. If the sensitivity continues and causes severe discomfort we advise to stop using tooth whitening products until you consult with a dentist.

The effects of teeth whitening fade over time and individual results may vary. Unexpected results may occur and may be irreversible.

By buying a particular teeth whitening product, you accept all the risks associated with tooth bleaching and release and hold us (New Bright White Smile) harmless and its agents, employees and principals harmless for any issues or complications arising from or connected with the bleaching.

Before purchasing any of our products, if you suspect having any allergies to any of the teeth whitening products sold on the (New Bright White Smile) website or you are not sure if the product is suitable for you, please consult your dentist before making any purchase.

By purchasing or using New Bright White Smile products you understand and acknowledge that:

  • You have consulted with your dentist about using New Bright White Smile products and are choosing to purchase or use New Bright White Smile products at your own risk and in accordance with your local laws.
  • You will use the custom-fitted trays, and teeth whitening gel for the purpose of whitening your teeth.
  • You will not use the product if you are pregnant or nursing until you have consulted with your dentist or doctor. You will take the impressions yourself.
  • You do not have loose or decayed teeth. You do not have loose crowns or periodontal problems (gum disease).
  • New Bright White Smile products are not a substitute for regular dental care.
  • Employees, staff, and/or dealers of New Bright White Smile are not dentists.
  • You are not allergic to carbamide peroxide, glycerin, carbome flavor, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, hydroxide, or silicone.
  • By purchasing product from New Bright White Smile, you agree to all warranties, returns, and credits are at the sole determination of New Bright White Smile and that total liability is limited to the amount paid for the product/service. You have read and understood this agreement in full prior to making purchase and agree that you are full informed.
  • Keep out of reach of young children. All New Bright White Smile products are not intended for use in children under the age of 18.
  • Do not swallow any volume of teeth whitening gel or desensitizing gel beyond the amount consumed during general use (see instructions)
  • Avoid eye contact. Rinse eyes thoroughly with water if gel comes in contact with them. Handle gel with dry hands.
  • Gel that comes into contact with the skin can cause temporary skin irritation and/or whitening. Wash hands with soap and water after applying the gel.
  • If large volume of teeth whitening gel or tooth desensitizing gel is consumed, contact poison control immediately.
  • Avoid contact of gel with cloth, leather or fabric.

New Bright White Smile products will only whiten natural teeth. The products will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings or dentures.



Again as in the MUST READ SECTION I am the owner of the company and have used and tested the product you are buying here with no adverse effects on myself.I do suffer like some from sensitive teeth, whitening your teeth can make them sensitive- it could be likened to going to the gym and working your biceps hard- the next day they WILL ache.

We have access to the latest industry information from our resident dental expert who has worked as a dental technician for 25 years- who advised us to add the remin gel to our kits to help those who have , like me sensitive teeth- so we did.

I personally have found applying the remin gel we provide alleviates the sensitivity and strengthens the enamel of my teeth.

If you feel that the discomfort is too much for you, remember it is NOT permanent, there is no need to worry- it is just a feeling you have not experienced before and it will pass.

Just remember to follow the instructions in the MUST READ and watch the video and do not put too much gel in the trays.

We look forward to hearing about your New Bright White Smile on our Facebook page. Remember our ethos is “If you are unhappy with us, PLEASE tell us and we'll try our best to make you happy, if you are happy with us tell others- thank you”