New Bright White Smile USA Made, FDA Compliant Teeth Whitening Kits, Before & After Picture

New Bright White Smile USA Made, FDA Compliant Teeth Whitening Kits, Lab Worker


We at New Bright White Smile are on a mission to give everyone a million dollar smile for a fraction of the cost you will pay at your dental surgery, without the inconvenience of time, travel and outrageous costs but with the same safe procedures and products that your dentist will use, made here in the USA to FDA guidelines.

15 Years ago I visited a dental surgery and paid over $1,000 to have my teeth whitened, the dentist made a mouthpiece for me and gave me 3 syringes of gel, at the time I thought it was money well spent.

Fast forward a few years back, my teeth need redoing due to my copious consumption of tea, coffee and the "occasional" glass of red wine!

Fortunately for me (and now YOU!) I lived in NYC next door to a dentist who showed me where to get the very same products and materials the dental industry uses at a fraction of the cost they charge people like you and me!

On top of that my childhood friend has worked as a dental technician & hygienist for over 20 years- with current dental industry knowledge  and experience so we have our finger on the pulse and inside information on teeth whitening- the right way.

So I am PROUD to be able to give you the ability to get that beautiful, white smile you have always wanted at a price we can all afford.

And more importantly safely, as again our products are formulated by American chemists in an FDA compliant factory in the USA, unlike the unregulated, therefore potentially poisonous and harmful, made in China teeth whitening kits you can buy from my competitors.

We take all the inconvenience of going to your dentist to get the same quality kits they will give you for much, much more money and then take these easy steps below and volia, a brand new Hollywood smile.

All you have to do is mold the mouthpiece to custom fit your mouth (30 second procedure)

Apply the gel to the tray , place the mouthpiece and the UV light in your mouth,then sit back and RELAX for 20-30 minutes- read book, watch TV, meditate, whatever is your thing!

Withing three weeks (we recommend once every 3-4 days for 30 mins max) you will transform your dull, stained, yellow teeth into an amazing New Bright White Smile- safely and easily in the comfort of your own home.