How I saved hundred$ whitening my teeth at home- using the same products your dentist will supply you!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Simon Walton the owner of New Bright White Smile.

I am from London and had until a few years back a normal mouth of English teeth.

Yes those ugly tea stained, yellow teeth that the Americans and the rest of the world associates with the Brits!

So on my travels I underwent treatment in a dental surgery and paid over $1,000 for a custom made mouthpiece and three syringes of whitening gel and the dentist's expertise! More like ability to have access to the products!!!!!!!

Fast forward a til this year and i looked at my teeth and they were starting to become British again, so I looked into dental procedures again and find that teeth whitening would cost me $800.

This meant me going once to get my mouthpiece and another time to pick it up when completed!

I then decided through the help of my neighbor who  specializes in "segmental mandibular resection" to you and me that's rebuilding someone's jaw -usually after a car crash!

Now he obviously trained as a dentist before hand and with his no-how I have managed to source the same suppliers your dentist gets his stuff from.

Yes safe, dental grade whitening gel formulated by American chemists, made by a FDA regulated United States based company for us, New Bright White Smile.

Therefore I get it much cheaper than your dentist will charge you and can offer you a complete kit (two customisable mouthpieces, 3 syringes of whitening gel, a  LED whitening light, instructions for use and a color chart) that will give you the New Bright White Smile you dream of, for a fraction of the cost without any inconvenience or travel time, using FDA regulated safe products your dental surgery would use for ONLY $60 with FREE SHIPPING, if you CLICK HERE today.


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